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Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
. francois hollande claims the rebels are backed by foreign powers but will not say which states or produce any evidence. he did not sound diplomatic. >> i call them mercenary terrorists, mercenary because , terrorists,g paid b because they are terrorizing the population. we will defend democracy that has existed in central africa for almost 10 years. we cannot let it be destroyed by some opportunists. >> the president is a man under threat, traveling in a motorcade. he has turned on france, accusing the colonial power of abandoning his country and whipping up hostile reactions from the people. the french flag is removed from public places. he has upset several states by not telling about the major appointment of south african troops, but he feels safe. >> we feel safe, but the truth is why i am here. i will not run away. i am not frightened by everything that has happened. i have done what needed to be done so my brother the country man could be together to build the country. they want this share at any cost. -- chair at any cost. >> what this amounts to is an offensive ahead of the talks.
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Jan 25, 2013 1:30am PST
and applause] this bold -- bold military action even surprised the french, whose president, francois hollande, is perceived as so indecisive and weak, he's earned the nickname "flanby," after a wobbly gelatin dessert. oh, burn! [cheers and applause] or as the french say, brulee! [ laughter ] interestingly, one of the reasons that hollande is so unpopular in the first place is that he's the one pushing the gay marriage initiative. but as one paper put it "mali could transform hollande's political image." their wars make their leaders look tough, just like ours do! [ laughter ] france just needs "their" own france to call pussies-- i'm gonna say belgium. [ laughter ] come on, belgium. bunch of chocolate-slurping, mayonaise-dipping antwerps, who need to brussels sprout a pair! [ laughter ] france, those are all free. [ laughter ] and it's working for hollande with his mali intervention backed by 75% of the french, a shocking number, since french people normally can't agree on anything. that's why the scaffolding for the eiffel tower's been up so long. they can't decide what to build! [cheers and
Jan 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
months ago, in october and november of 2012 francois hollande was saying yes, he could consider sending troops into mali but they would be just for training and logistics. but the request mali put out this week specifically to france for military assistance really changed things and also the speed at which things were moving on the ground. france couldn't wait for the ecowas force to get fully operational. there was an announcement friday that that ecowas force would be deployed quicker but when france made the decision to be send troops in they didn't know ecowas was going to speed up the deployment and really mali's government was crumbling. the army was retreating so far and france considered this such an important issue for not just regional stability and security that it decided it had to get involved. >> in the meantime, reaction from the islamists in the area warning that french interests would be put at risk by the actions in mali, that's been taken quite seriously by the french government? >> yes, it has. there are four french hougs in -- hostages in mali and more in the region
Jan 22, 2013 4:00am EST
and francois hollande being what they are, laland has labeled today's festival a festival of hypocrisy. what do you make of it? >> well, i mean, maybe that's overly cynical. certainly the relationship between the more conservative christian democrat angela merkel and the socialist francois hollande is less than cordial, less than warm hearted. they come from different sides of the political spectrum. but the bottom line is, we've had this over 50 years many times before. usually relationships between new french premieres and old german chancellors or the other way around are -- i wouldn't say frosty, but a little bit distant and then they grow with each other and at the end of the day, it's about business and not about warm-hearted relationships between politicians. and at the end of the day, push comes to shove, whether it's in paris or berlin, politicians and indeed the people involved have long decided if we want to survive in the global markets and not only in the markets, but in this global environment as europeans, then that is what we have to do. we have to do this together. and at the h
Jan 17, 2013 6:30pm PST
knew at the outset what they were getting into. >> french president francois hollande has set the bar high for the mission. his aim is to liberate no. mali and to stabilize the country over the long term. international community has largely backed the intervention, but whoever joins the fight likely faces a long and difficult war. >> countries like mali need to establish a stable government capable of guaranteeing security to its people. and not just security, but also living conditions that will prevent people from supporting terrorists. >> elections had been planned for april. that is now completely up in the air. even if the military intervention is a short one, mali is likely to remain politically unstable for some time to come. >> coming up, floods are causing havoc in the indonesian capital. >> first, here's a look at some of the news. >> syrian activists are reporting a new massacre by government forces. the syrian observatory for human rights says pro-assad troops killed more than 100 civilians on tuesday. witnesses are reported as saying troops hunting rebel fighters slotted
Jan 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
and french president francois hollande talking about that. >> they promised to unveil proposals in the coming months and it is a big step forward dr. became to power pledging to reverse the plans that merkel had championed. >> it is the first time these bundestag has had a full parliament from another country here. the french president, hollande, recalled the original spirit leading to the historic relationship. >> young people are not only our future but also the reason for the policies that we are pursuing. >> young people in both of our countries have the uncomfortable good fortune that they have never had to experience in it. but peace and democracy. >> he also addressed the economic crisis in europe and chancellor merkel followed suit. she stressed it is necessary. >> what have we learned from 50 years of franco-german friendship? our greatest problems can be solved when we remind ourselves the value of peace and freedom. if we dare to except change. >> earlier, -- havoc with a tight schedule when the german president welcomed his french guests and the national anthem is cannot be played
Jan 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
a joint cabinet meeting in the city. german chancellor angela america 8 and french president francois hollande made a statement together in parliament to emphasize their ties. they say they're determined to boost cooperation to help europe overcome its challenges. merkel said germany and france will soon make joint proposals to deepen economic integration in the eu. >>> the european debt crisis has revealed rifts between member countries. but merkel and hollande say they hope the celebrations will highlight the e.u.'s ties. >>> and now let's get a check on markets. first taking a look at the currencies, the dollar is lower against the yen as traders are taking profits following the recent advance. the dollar against the yen changing hands at 88.74-76. the u.s. currency was trading at the 89-yen level before the bank of japan announcements. market players see the outcome of the b.o.j. policy meeting as within market expectations. taking a look at the euro against the yen, that's quoted at 118.29-32. let's take a look at stocks now. tokyo share prices are lower. as the yen is gaining gr
Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the french interior minister visited the crime scene and spoke of an execution. french president francois hollande said he was shaken. >> it is horrible. there were three of them, one of whom i knew personally. >> the turkish prime minister asked for patience. >> these killings might be an internal affair of the pkk. >> in paris, the crowds of kurds outside the crime scene were not in a patient's mood. some of them blame the killings on turkey and are calling on europe to stand with them. >> where are the french? where is the solidarity? i think that the state of turkey did this. i think that the whole of europe knows they did this. >> one of the victims was a founder of the pkk separatist group. pkk militants and turkish separatist groups have fought on and off since 2004. tens of thousands of people have died in the conflict. the two sides have had peace talks in recent months. some speculate the murders in paris could be an attempt by hardliners to derail those talks. french police now face an investigation with explosive political implications. >> pakistani police say at least 56 peop
Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
of french president francois hollande's campaign promises, but these women worry the debate it has sparked could hurt their children. they prefer to shield the boys from it entirely. >> someone on the radio said a proper family is made up of a daddy and a mommy. i turned the radio off right away, but my son asked, "did you hear that? what nonsense." >> this couple are staunch catholics and take a different view. they define a family as consisting of a mother, father, and children only. they say homosexual couples raising children adopted or not are going against nature. >> the most important thing in society is the union of man and woman. the unity of the two is the only way to give a child balance. >> in a demonstration in paris against the government's proposals, they chant, "a mother. a father. it is fundamental." most of the protesters are conservative, politically or religiously. many are willing to accept same- sex marriage, but they say letting gay couples to adopt or conceive in vitro is going to far. >> two men or two women are not able to give children what they really need. >> i
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am PST
in the north. the president of france says coalition forces are winning the fight. francois hollande says french troops will retake key towns in the north and hand over operations to africa. he says it would be up to the africans to restore the territorial integrity of mali. coalition forces recaptured the rebel stronghold of gau and sealed off the city of timbuktu. french cities won control of the major airports and roads in the area. analyst warn militants could still mount guerrilla-style attacks from hideouts in the deserts and mountains. >>> in ethiopia, african union leaders have met to discuss the situation in mali. they're vowing to do more to help with the fight against islamist militants. representatives of the union's 54 members gathered in the ethiopian capital, pledging $50 million to support troops from france and from across africa fighting islamist militants. they are linked to al qaeda and control a large part of the country. >> made a commitment to pool our efforts together to assist this country. >> representatives from japan, the u.s. and europe will discuss the situat
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
of french fighting forces and rebel air strikes so -- show francois hollande's previous stance has changed and poses questions about how this fits within the un's framework. >> it is posted the malian soldiers making up the main combat force with other countries providing training and logistical support. france's current involvement seems to be stretching the interpretation of that somewhat. >> malia's government is paris government is perilously week. the conflict is sucking in more and more countries. >> the united states says it is following the french military intervention in mali shortly but stopped short of committing its own troops. >> we remain deeply concerned by the recent events in mali. we echo the international community's combination of these recent aggressive acts. we joined in a very strong security council statement on this last night. we do understand that france has offered some immediately millet -- some immediate military support to mali armed forces at the request of their government. we are consulting closely with the government of france going forward. >> central af
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
simple. they are on the streets. they are opening up everything. francois hollande has a secure enough parliament majority that the legalization of marriage will probably pass by jean. support is slipping. most french are with him on that. those rallying on saturday insist they will fight all the way. changing the traditional french family means weakening the very foundations of the country. al jazeera, paris. >> there has been a game marriage protest in the vatican where female protectors disrupted an address by the pope. but it was delivering his regular prayer. they were protesting against the opposition to the marriage. on saturday the children to go up with a father and mother. still ahead, why more protest camps are planned despite israel's the victim palestinian activists from their west bank and. beijing goes off the charts. how long will it and hang around a? >> the french military says it is affecting the stronghold of gao. egypt court of appeal has ordered a retrial for a hosni mubarak and his security chief. they were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of hundreds
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
in mali, he was cleared -- he was killed by rebel fire. french president francois holland says he stands by his decision to send troops into the country. >> it had not taken this decision on friday morning, where would mali be now? given their intention to go and seek a position which included other african countries, all countries recognize that france faced up to its responsibility. >> of pakistan soter has been killed of a disputed border in kashmir. -- a pakistan's older has been killed. india has yet to respond to the claim. so far, three pakistani and two indian soldiers have been killed in the area since the beginning of this year. as the situation on the border with india heats up, there is political tension brewing inside the country. pakistan's supreme court has ordered the arrest of the country's prime minister. tens of thousands of people are protesting through the night, calling for the government to stand down. the latest from islamabad. >> on watch from above and on the ground, security teams stop tens of thousands of people from gathering in the capital. that have come on
Jan 23, 2013 5:30am PST
. they want the court to decide the case without political interference. french president francois hollande says he is optimistic that they will put an end to this painful situation. al jazeera, mexico city. >> japanese investors say a damaged then treat on the boeing dream leonard did not seem to be overcharged. -- streamliner -- dreamliner did not seem to be overcharged. it remains grounded while investigations continue. >> the 787 uses up to 70% of materials. japanese companies have also been very involved. if something were to go wrong, it would be something that uses a large amount of these new materials. i never dreamed there would be a problem with the electrical system. >> time is saying that there are only troubles by asking a tribunal to weigh in on the challenges in the region. six governments have overlapping claims over much of the south china sea. just days after recording its highest air pollution levels, smog has returned to beijing. particles released from factories and vehicles into the atmosphere have measured well above the world health organization limits. th
Jan 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
done. >> thank you so much for coming in. french president francois hollande says military intervention in mali will only end when the country is safe from terrorists. the country is attempting to drive out rebels linked to allocate a. -- linked to al-qaeda. >> no boots on the ground from britain, but a small supporting role in what is shaping up to be a major african war. planes arrived this morning carrying french hardware and a handful of french troops. france is busy rushing reinforcements to its former colony in a frantic effort to bolster mali's own army and prevent the country from falling into the hands of islamic militants. we have seen, he says, that the enemy is ready to fight and should not be underestimated. in mali's capital, the french are already being seen as saviors. without them, he says, the terrorists would have taken this city. we would be refugees by now. interventiontary here is certainly possible, but things are about to get more complicated. the plan is for neighboring west african countries to take the liberating all of mali. that could be tricky. leaders have
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
. the french president francois hollande said it is not up to african forces to regain molly's territorial integrity. m ali's integrity. >> of the ancient city erupted in celebration. locals came out to greet the french and malian troops. the soldiers swept into timbuktu unopposed after the islamist rebels abandoned their stronghold. for nearly a year, these people have been under a strict sharia code with flogging of criminals and a ban on music. one of the islamist legacies is reportedly the destruction of a whole library of medieval manuscripts. it chronicled in great detail the history and culture of north africa and included mythical texts which the militants could have found offensive. islamist seized the northern area of mali last year, the part colored orange, but they have been losing ground. now french and malian troops have been pushing north. on saturday base seized the most populous city in northern mali. on monday, a force of french and mali troops entered timbuktu. once timbuktu is secured, troops are expected to focus on the last rebel stronghold. there are reports to or re
Jan 29, 2013 7:30am EST
cities in the north perform the president of france says coalition forces are winning the fight. francois hollande says french troops will retake key towns in the north and hand over operations to africa. he says it would be up to the africans to restore the territorial integrity of mali. coalition forces recaptured the rebel stronghold of gau and sealed off the city of timbuktu. french cities won control of the major airports and roads in the area. analyst warn militants could still mount guerrilla-style attacks from hideouts in the deserts and mountains. >>> in ethiopia, african union leaders have met to discuss the situation in mali. they're vowing to do more to help with the fight against islamist militants. representatives of the union's 54 members gathered in the ethiopian capital, pledging kz 50 million to support troops from france and from across africa fighting islamisttants. they are linked to al qaeda and control a large part of the country. >> made a commitment to pool our efforts together to assist this country. >> representatives from japan, the u.s. and europe will discuss
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
're opening up everything for homophobia. >> francois hollande has a secure enough majority that the legalization of the marriage will probably pass by june. the polls suggest most french are with him on that. those rallying insist on a fighting all the way. for them, changing the traditional french family means weakening the very foundations of the country. al jazeera, paris. >> in st. peter's square, pro- gay rights activists protested a speech by the pope. they revealed slogans on their backs saying, i am gay and pope, shut up. the vatican believes children should grow up with a mother and father. a prominent opposition activists in russia joined tens of thousands of people at a rally in moscow and st. petersburg, angry at changes to the adoption laws. new rules ban american citizens from adopting russian children. this is seen as a retaliation from a u.s. law which targets russians accused of human-rights abuses. >> this is one of the biggest protests in moscow in recent months. several thousand people, together, united in their anger against the law that will prevent am
Jan 14, 2013 5:30pm PST
rallied yesterday at the eiffel tower in paris. they urged president francois hollande to withdraw the legislation, and called instead for a national debate. current plans call for the french parliament to take up the gay marriage measure later this month, and approve it by june. former president george h.w. bush has left a houston hospital, two months after being admitted with a heavy cough. mr. bush is 88, and the nation's oldest living former president. he was hospitalized the day after thanksgiving, after suffering bronchitis. later he was transferred to intensive care when a fever developed. the hospital said today mr. bush will continue physical therapy to rebuild his strength. on wall street today, stocks ended the day with very little movement as investors waited for a slew of earnings reports later this week. the dow jones industrial average gained nearly 19 points to close at 13,507. the nasdaq fell eight points to close above 3117. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: and we turn to the west african nation of mali, where a war between r
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
not so much as a threat to the old order but a correction to social justice. the government of francois hollande shares that view. >> remarks from silvio berlusconi has angered jewish groups. the premier tried to defend some of the actions of berlusconi at a ceremony marking holocaust day. butaid miscellany was wrong t had been a good leader in other respects. a referendum in bulgaria show forces are in favor of building a new nuclear power plant, but the low turnout is likely to make it in fallon. -- invalid. the ruling party says it intends to block the project. 11 people have been killed and more than 30 injured after a coach crashed into a ravine in central portugal. it skidded off the road. many of the passengers had to be cut from the wreckage. rescue services are blaming roadwork and bad weather for the accident. opposition fighters in damascus claim to have stormed the train station in a suburb. they have seized weapons from the st. -- from the area and also injured government troops. shelling continues in other suburbs of the capital. witnesses say they heard explosions. the ru
Jan 3, 2013 4:00am EST
president francois hollande suggests he may have to come up with a plan b after the proposed 75% of top rate income tax was rejected by france's constitutional court. stephane is in paris for the first on "worldwide exchange" this year. nice to see you. so is there a plan b in the offering? what might he do to get around the constitutional court's objections? >> not that the media was aware of, but, obviously, the government will have to come back with a plan b. francois hollande stated a few days ago he would come back with a plan to tax the super rich in the country but will have to drop the 75% tax rate. but if you want the plan to be avoided a second time by the constitutional court. it was not the most important one from a budget point of view. if you look at the tax increase for this year in france, it's about 20 billion euros. and this 75% tax for the super rich people was establishmented to raise about 210 million euros, which means around 1% of the total tax hike for this year and it would have been implemented for only two years. but that was not the most important one. that being
Jan 18, 2013 3:00pm EST
. you had president barack obama, putin, francois hollande and pena in mexico. shinzo abe in japan, december 16th, going to weaken the yen and restructure there, and we think japan has legs, maria. >> right. >> so you want to get exposure, big exporters, automobile companies, electronics. >> japan exporters are on fire and that's why that fund has been really increasing. >> you look at a chart, maria, goes straight up. >> hey, josh, you like health care stocks, too, at this level, don't you? >> we've been extremely bullish on health care since the early part of last-year, and there was absolutely nothing in the data, terk call or fundamental that tells us we should change our mind. one name to highlight is pfizer. they are about to spin off their animal health unit. if you know the data on how spinoffs typically perform, parent and child, you'll want to pay extra special attention to the timing of this deal, because i've got to tell you, i think it will be unlike a lot of value. i think both pieces that have equation are able to be owned. check out a chart of pfizer. this hank has
Jan 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
is the words that they've used, al qaeda and the radicals. obviously, at one point, francois hollande went further and said, completely getting rid of them. even if france claims clear victory i have to be honest all the sources i've spoken to, u.s. government and elsewhere, are not confident in france's ability to fully do that. will the united states be able to avoid more significant involvement or not? >> i think we have to plan as if we won't be able to avoid this kind of significant involvement. basically what that means is just as general clark mentioned, we are going to have to make sure that we have the right kind of sensors? pla in place, logistics in place, do the planning that puts the right kinds of troops in place should we need to go in and do something preferably with a surgical variety. this is going to be a major issue for us because the french will be able to achieve certain tactical successes. but from the broad strategic standpoint, it's going to be more difficult for them to root out this al qaeda element. >> thanks very much to both you have. we appreciate it. >>>. >>
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
on reporting from the front lines and we begin in mali. french president francois hollande says that french forces are winning the battle in mali, and he says though that northern forces are controlling the area, and he refused to speculate on how long france would continue to intervene. today, a spokesman said they don't want a conflict with french forces, but they will fight the malian army as soon as al qaeda linked extremists are pushed out of the nation. that's what they tell us. and meanwhile, in timbuktu, revels have razed the library a designated world heritage site that holds many books precolonial africa. there were multiple reports of that today. that is a terrible thing. >> yahoo reported quarterly results. we have been telling you about the company's ceo marissa mayer. one of the things she was hired to do was increase revenue. she's only had really five, i would say four months at the end of the year, but you know what? she actually delivered. yahoo showed annual revenue growth for the first time in four years. they were up 2%. may not sound like a lot, but it is still up. on
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Jan 22, 2013 7:00pm PST
and his wife carla bruney except the tax rate of 75% proposed by his successor francois hollande. >> what's in the wine with that tax rate? come on. >> got everyone running. >> yeah, exactly. >> all that and much more straight ahead. first, the democrat-led senate has not passed a budget since prime minister's first ye president obama's first year in office and now the so-called no budget, no pay proposal. >> when i grew up, i had a lot of jobs and i had to work to get paid to do those jobs, so when i flipped burgers at mcdonald's or mowed lawns or painted houses i did the work and i got paid. i didn't get paid if i didn't do the work. it's the basic concept here, you do the work you get paid you don't do the work you shouldn't get paid. >> senator rob portman joins us. >> good to see you, greta. >> should be american people be outraged now that the house is suggesting a stop-gap measure and the president seemed obliged it that, should the american people are outraged we're sort of limping along. >> sure, 5 trillion dollars ago is the last time the senate had a budget. unbelievable, the d
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 60 (some duplicates have been removed)